NEW! Virtual Phone Numbers in Turkey!

28 November 2014 | Products telgo.SmartNumbers

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telgo.SmartNumbers are now available in Turkey!


Do you have family or friends in Turkey, or do you do Business there?

If so, telgo.SmartNumbers can help you keep in touch.


We can finally offer these virtual local phone numbers in Turkey – you can order them online now.


Calls to your new number in Turkey will ring on your current mobile or fixed line phone!

And Callers pay the price of a local call.


If you’re eager to get started, click here!


Need more info?

Here’s a quick rundown:


What are telgo.SmartNumbers?

telgo.SmartNumbers are virtual phone numbers in the country of your choice, that ring on your existing phone!

They are available in 50+ countries, and now in Turkey too.

We’re constantly expanding our coverage.


What are “Virtual Numbers”?

They’re phone numbers that you order from us online. You don’t need to have a phone line in the country you want a number in.


How do they work?


Step 1 Choose The Country and City you want to get a number in.

Step 2 Enter the number you want your new number to ring on (the forwarding destination). This could be your existing mobile number.

Step 3 Choose a plan (Basic, Business, Business Plus.) Larger plans include more forwarding minutes.


Complete the signup process and you’re done. You’ll receive your new number and login details via email.


Is there a minimum contract term?

No, you can cancel online at any time. The cancellation becomes effective at the end of the following month.



We are committed to providing outstanding services. telgo.SmartNumbers come with a free 7 Day trial – no strings attached.

If you cancel within seven days, you won’t be invoiced. Even if you used the Number.






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