Being international has never been easier!

30 July 2015 | telgo.PRO telgo.SIP Connector telgo.SmartNumbers

telgo has a great service line up for businesses of all sizes.   Bespoke telgo solutions are unique because they can be tailored to closely match customers’ requirements.   These powerful industry leading solutions are also available as packages – you can add the services and features you require easily.     Interested?   Have…


Virtual Phone Numbers – The Significance of a Beep

04 December 2014 | telgo.SmartNumbers

We recently added a handy feature to telgo.SmartNumbers!   When you receive a call via your telgo.SmartNumber, the caller’s phone number (CLI) will show on your phone’s display whenever available. This is important, because it’s the number you need to know if you want to return the call.   What your phone’s display can’t tell…


NEW! Virtual Phone Numbers in Turkey!

28 November 2014 | Products telgo.SmartNumbers

telgo.SmartNumbers are now available in Turkey!   Do you have family or friends in Turkey, or do you do Business there? If so, telgo.SmartNumbers can help you keep in touch.   We can finally offer these virtual local phone numbers in Turkey – you can order them online now.   Calls to your new number…


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