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What is telgo mobile?

" telgo.Mobile is a dial-in-service that offers cheap international rates worldwide. By dialing a local access number you can make huge savings for international calls. Please note, that telgo.Mobile is not a separate SIM card. It’s a service that requires a functional phone (mobile or landline) in order to be able to dial the local access number. We recommend service provider with included free minutes, so you can call the local access number for free!"



How does telgo mobile work?

 "You need to dial a local access number (available in Austria, Germany and Poland), then you wait for the dial tone and enter the international number (incl. area code) and press hash (#) key in the end."

What is the dialing tone and how do I recognize it?

"The dialing tone sounds like a continuous tone. As soon as you hear it enter the international phone number including the area code and press hash (#) key in the end."

Why do I have to press the hash (#) key after dialing the international number?

"Only if you press the hash (#) key in the end we can guarantee a successful connection with telgo.Mobile. If you press the “call” key instead a second line could be activated by your telephone service provider and you might get charged for the call."

Can I use telgo mobile from another country?

„At the moment telgo.Mobile works in Austria, Germany and Poland with the country specific access number. If you call the access number from any country, you might have high roaming cost."

Is there a limit on cheap calls?

„No, our service is available 24/7!"


Can I use telgo.Mobile from any network or phone (landline / mobile)?

„telgo.Mobile works with any service provider! If you register online on our website you get access to your My.telgo account so you can activate a mobile AND landline number.

If you register via SMS with a PAYSAFECARD you can only use your mobile phone (because you can’t send a SMS from your landline phone)"

What is the My.telgo account?

„A My.telgo account offers many features and extra-functions for you. If your register online you’ll get a username and password. With these credentials you are able to login to your My.telgo account any time.

Additional Information for SMS-User: The registration via PAYSAFE-PIN-Code it anonymous. Without any customer data we are not able to create a customer account."

Can I change my data on My.telgo account?

„ Sure, you can log in to your My.telgo account and make changes any time. Please pay attention to always keep your data up to date (e.g. credit / bank card or address changes)!"

What are the advantages if I register online?

„The registration is for free! No hidden costs or monthly fees.

The benefits are: instant activation, you can add up to 5 numbers (mobile or landline), cost control, automatic top up, speed dial function etc."

Do I have to register online?

„No an online registration is not obligatory. You can also register with a PAYSAFECARD via SMS."


How can I register or buy credit?

„You have two possibilities:

  1. If you register online you can top up with a credit card, bank card, PayPal or Paysafecard. After a successful online registration you’ll get access to your My.telgo account. Find more information about online registration here.
  2. If your register via SMS you can only use a PAYSAFECARD (available at any petrol station or tobacco shop). You send the 16-digits PAYSAFECODE via SMS to 0676 800 787 400 and your number is activated. The PAYSAFECARD is a payment method; an old PIN-code cannot be used twice! Find more information about SMS registration here."

How can I check my currant balance or credit?

„ Transparency is very important to us. On your My.telgo account you can check your call list and your current credit status any time. If you register via SMS send us a text message with the word “BALANCE” to 0676 800 787 400 and you will receive your current balance. We also announce your credit before each connected call"

How much does it cost to make an international call with telgo.Mobile?

„telgo.Mobile offers you cheap rates starting at 1.9 ct./min.

You’ll find a detailed rates list here."

Can I save telgo.Mobile Numbers in my phone book?

„You can save international numbers incl. the local access number in your phone book so you can make calls directly from your phone. It is important to insert the the (p) key between the local access number and the international number, for example: 0043130000p0048123456789."

Where can I find the (p) Key?

„There is no general rule how to enter the (p) key – it is different from device to device.

For example iPhone 4: hold the (*) key a few seconds and a (,) will appear which symbolizes the (p) pause.

You will also find helpful information in the manual of your telephone."


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