Finally telgo.Mobile in POLAND

11 August 2014 | News telgo.Mobile

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Dear telgo User!

Great News!

telgo.Mobile is growing!


Our Dial-in-Service – that’s already enjoying great success in Austria and Germany – is now also available in POLAND!


The polish Access-Number is: +48 22/307-3399


Dial locally and get cheap international calls with telgo.Mobile!


How it works…


SMS Registration



Buy a PAYSAFECARD (tobacco shop or gas station)
Available Amounts: 20, 30, 50, 100 and 300 PLN
Find PAYSAFECARD shops nearby here



Send 16-digits PAYSAFE-PIN Code via SMS to
the following Number: +43 676 800 787 400



You’ll receive a SMS confirmation and
your number is immediately activated



You already registered and you want to get started now?


  • Dial the polish access number +48 22/307-3399
  • Wait for the dial tone
  • Enter the international number (incl. Area code) and press hash (#) key


We announce your current balance and connect you immediately!


Enjoy your cheap international calls with telgo.Mobile!



Find further Details here…


General Information about telgo.Mobile


How to make cheap international calls


Read FAQs


SMS Registration


View Rates


Sign-up online




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