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What is telgo.PRO?

"telgo.PRO is a cloud-based telephone system, that doesn’t require any hardware except for IP (Internet Protocol) phones and it is hosted from the Internet."

What is the cloud and what exactly are cloud-based phone systems?

"Cloud-solutions are forward-looking and in high demand. All the important information and data about your phone system is saved in the cloud, therefore you don’t need any extra hardware. As an insurance cloud telephone systems are located in computer centers and hosted via the internet."

What is the difference between telgo.PRO and a traditional phone system?

"Compared to traditional phone systems telgo.PRO is a very flexible solution. It adjusts individually to all the needs of your company. telgo.PRO is hosted via the internet and doesn’t require any hardware. Administration and changes are easy and will be assumed instantly. You save money and time!"

What are the benefits of telgo.PRO?

"The main benefits are: Quick start and Setup (we advise and configure the whole system), time and cost-saving, due to remote maintenance and online-updates, low upkeeping maintenance costs, administration and changes are simple and easy, maximum customer orientated (call routing and forwarding, additional lines, integration of all employees and a lot more)"

What is the difference between telgo.PRO and telgo.SIP Connector?

"telgo.PRO includes the whole phone system. telgo.SIP Connector is a solution if you already have a VoIP-capable phone system that needs to be connected to the telephone network (for more information go to telgo.SIP Connector FAQ) telgo.PRO includes the whole package it's an All-in-1 carefree solution (from the telephone connection to the devices)."

How reliable is telgo.PRO? What happens when the internet service goes down?

"Cloud-based Solutions are very reliable compared to traditional PBX systems. The telgo.PRO server system is located in computer centers – grid connection and electricity supply accomplish the most modern standards and are secured fully redundant. In case of damage for example by water, that could endanger your office technology, telgo.PRO won’t be affected at all, because the phone system is not located in the office physically. Your data is still saved in the cloud and available without any restriction. In case of a complete breakdown (no power, no internet) you still have the possibility to access to the system with your smartphone and forward your calls accordingly. So your smartphone that you always carry with you is also your emergency solution at the same time."

How many lines do I get and are they extendable?

"You’ll automatically get 5 extensions, they are already included in the monthly fee. If you require more extensions you can add as many lines as needed at any time. "

Can I keep my existing number?

"Yes, you can keep your number. Your current number will be transferred to telgo, as long as the internet connection is from telgo. Non-geographical/local telephone numbers can also be transferred from telgo (e.g.: 0720 or 0780 numbers). Please contact us for further information and details. Every ported number needs a separate form."

Can I use my existing telephone devices with telgo.PRO?

"If your phones are IP capable phones you can use them with telgo.PRO."

Which telephones and devices does telgo.PRO offer?

"The modern and powerful IP-phones from SNOM and the cordless devices from GIGASET support all our features and functions. Find more pricing information and further details about phones and devices here."

How long does the arrival of the telephones take and how much is the delivery?

"The required telephones will be ordered and preconfigured for your individual needs. Afterwards we send the telephones to your office address. The delivery approximately takes up to 7 business days (depending on method and place of delivery)"

How long does it take to activate telgo.PRO?

"As soon as your IP phones arrive, you just have to plug them in and you are ready to use telgo.PRO."

Which payment options does telgo.PRO offer?

"We accept payment by bank (direct debit) and credit card."

Are there also flat rate options for telgo.PRO?

"We offer flat packages for Austria as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland (combined package). Our rates are charged by minute."

How can I order telgo.PRO and what are the system requirements?

"To be able to use telgo.PRO you’ll need an interconnection. To order telgo.PRO please contact us, we assemble a suitable offer for you, that meets your business needs. Call me back / Get started"

Which functions and features does telgo.PRO offer?

"telgo.PRO offers all features and functions, that a business needs! Besides a future proof All-in-One solution, quick start and easy usage, you’ll also get: Online-updates, remote maintenance, customer support, fax-to-mail, integration of all devices, advanced call routing and call forwarding, integration of all employees (home-office, mobile phones, external employees), easy administration and changes, money and time saving, conferencing, softphone function, powerful business phones and many more. We also offer 0800 telephone numbers and virtual numbers in over 50 countries."

What does „virtual telephone number“ mean?

"Virtual telephone numbers are just as landline numbers that can be forwarded to any other number in the world. They are called telgo.SmartNumbers and available in 50+ countries. If you setup a SmartNumber in a certain country you will be reachable for the local rate for incoming calls of that country. Your international business partners don’t need to expect high costs to reach you and a number with the area code of your business partners will signalize proximity and will help you to optimize your accessibility. Find available countries and SmartNumbers here."

What are „0800 numbers“?

"0800 Numbers are toll-free numbers and perfectly suitable to setup a service hotline for your customers."

Can I use my Fax machine with telgo.PRO?

"Yes, your fax machine can easily be integrated – all you need is an ATA device for the configuration."

What is an ATA?

"An ATA is an adapter (a little black box) to integrate analog devices."

How does Fax-to-Email work?

"You can receive Faxes just as Emails in your inbox (no fax machine required). We just need an email address to forward you incoming faxes."

How does the recording of the greeting text, music on hold and night answering service work?

"You will get a style sheet with sample texts from us. You can edit these texts for your individual needs and send them back to us. As soon as we receive the texts the audio recording in a professional studio will start."

Is the recording of greeting texts unlimited?

"We offer a recording package that contains all the necessary recordings (greeting text, music-on-hold, night answering service). Additional recordings such as announcements about your new products that you want to integrate in your music-on-hold will be charged as a separate recording element. Please contact us for more details and information."

Is it possible to make international calls with telgo.PRO?

"telgo.PRO offers unlimited connection to all destinations."

How and when can I cancel telgo.PRO?

"telgo.PRO is based on a 12 Month contract. Afterwards you are allowed to cancel your contract."

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