Account Management

Easily manage your features.

We offer all these helpful features, so it’s only logical that we offer you the perfect way to manage them. Our dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, making it a breeze to use.


Advanced Call Forwarding

Receive calls, wherever you are!

Your phone number can follow your daily schedule. You can personalise your call forwarding for customised days of the week, or times of day. Forward your calls to your mobile, home, or office phone.


Voicemail to Email

Always be informed.

Along with FREE voicemail, we let your callers record a message that will be sent straight to your email inbox – so you can receive your messages anywhere you connect to the internet.


Simultaneous Ringing

Let the best person answer.

With Simultaneous Ringing, forward your phone calls to two or more devices that ring simultaneously.
The call will automatically connect to the first number that picks up.


Select Country Forwarding

Automate your receptionist.

With telgo.SmartNumbers, your calls will always route to the right extension. For example, you can forward German-speaking countries to your Austrian colleague’s mobile phone, or forward French area codes to your Paris virtual office.


Sequential Forwarding

Never miss a call.

With Sequential Forwarding, when you don’t answer, the call will be automatically routed to the next colleague in line. This continues in the order you set until someone answers.


Fax to Email (Forward-Fax)

Go paperless.

Forget about outdated fax machines, thermal paper, and annoying noises. Not only is it easier for you, it’s environmentally friendly, too. And you can forward them like any other email.


Black/White Lists

Block spam, streamline important clients.

Tired of answering unwanted telemarketing calls? Create your own black and white lists and you’ll never be bothered or miss an important call again. You can block a single number, an area code, or even a country code.


Customised Greetings

Greet your customers in the best way for your business.

Say “Hi” any way you want. Share a new offer, record holiday-specific greetings, or just let them know how long until their call is answered. You know your customers better than anybody. You should decide how to greet them.


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In web design and development, attention to detail is crucial. Every line, every shadow and pretty much each and every element needs to be exactly where it’s supposed to be. Or where the client likes it. This, of course, generates endless conversations. As an outsourcing partner for clients situated in cities throughout the world, our communication was significantly improved in terms of quality and affordability after we chose telgo.SmartNumbers.

Paul E. Pop

founder @ straightAD