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What are telgo.SmartNumbers?

"SmartNumbers are virtual landline numbers that can be forwarded to any other number in the world. They are available in 50+ countries. If you setup a SmartNumber in a certain country you will be reachable for the local rate for incoming calls of that country. Find available countries and SmartNumbers here."

What are the benefits of SmartNumbers?

"Callers from a certain country will reach you for the local rate on your SmartNumber. Your international business partners don’t need to expect high costs to reach you. A SmartNumber with the area code of your partners will signalize proximity and will optimize your accessibility."

How does the Setup and Activation of a SmartNumber work?

"Setup a SmartNumber online in a few minutes. Select a number in the country you want and tell us where it should ring (Office, Landline, Mobile, etc.). You will get a confirmation and access to your account. In a few countries SmartNumbers are only available on request – please contact us in such case, we are happy to assist you."

Is it possible to select or port a certain number, or do I have to take the SmartNumber I get?

"You just choose the country of your SmartNumber and we give you a number. Of course you can request a selection of numbers and you can pick your favorite number. If you really want a certain number that needs to be ported, you need to call us, because every country has its own regulations and requirements. We can discuss the best solution with you."

How many SmartNumbers can I have?

"As many as you like and you can forward them to wherever you want. You can also add additional numbers via the My.telgo dashboard, you don’t need to sign up for a new account every time."

Are 0800 Numbers available?

"Yes, we also offer 0800 numbers; they are toll-free numbers and are perfectly suitable to set up a service hotline for your customers."

What happens if a telgo.SmartNumber is not available in a certain Country that I am looking for?

"Some countries have special regulations and requirements. If you want a number that is not available in our list, then contact us please and we’ll help you find a solution."

What is the My.telgo Dashboard?

"It’s an online account, where you can easily make changings on your own. You will get a username and password to access your account any time."

What are the Benefits of the My.telgo Dashboard?

"telgo.SmartNumbers are easy to set up via the My.telgo dashboard. Here are a few examples that you can have up and running in minutes (literally): Simple forwarding of your telgo.SmartNumber to any phone number, international or national. Same as above, but only during business hours. Play a message or send the caller to voice mail after hours. Forward your telgo.SmartNumber to different destinations depending on the callers' country. Set up a hunt group – Forward calls to several destinations to ensure that someone always answers."

What's included in the monthly plan?

"The monthly charge includes the cost of your telgo.SmartNumber, the included call forwarding minutes and many great features. You can choose between the following Packages: BASIC – BUSINESS – BUSINESS PLUS. In the BUSINESS PLUS Package of course all premium features such as number porting and phone support, etc. are included."

Can I use my telgo.SmartNumber when I make a call?

"Yes. Contact us. There are several ways of doing this, we’ll provide the best solution for you."

Do I get Voicemail ?

"Yes! And it’s FREE! Your voice mail will be forwarded to your email, you can listen to your voicemail on any pc or smartphone."

How does fax to email work?

"Simply set your telgo.SmartNumber to fax and you will receive all incoming faxes to your nominated email address. You will need an additional SmartNumber if you would like to receive voice calls too."

Are you working on other features?

"Of course we are! Time-of-day forwarding, sequential and parallel call forwarding (so you can have your telgo.SmartNumber ring on several destination phones in sequence or simultaneously) and custom recordable voice mail are already included. We’ll have some other neat features online soon."

Can I forward to Voip or sip?

"Shortly this will be available via the my.telgo dashboard. If you need this in the meantime, drop us an email and we will set it up for you."

Is there an App for telgo.SmartNumbers?

"Drop us an email, we’re collecting feature requests right now."

How are telgo.SmartNumbers invoiced?

"telgo.SmartNumbers are invoiced monthly in advance."

When can I cancel a telgo.SmartNumber?

"You can cancel the number at any time. It will be deactivated at the end of the following month."

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Plan?

"Yes! You can select a new plan for your telgo.SmartNumber anytime via the my.telgo dashboard. The change goes into effect on the first of the following month."

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