With telgo.Smartnumbers, you can get a local number in any of 50+ countries and forward it to your phone. We offer international call routing services for clients who want their voice heard across the world. You’ll only be a local phone call away from your customers – even if you’re halfway around the world.


Smart Flexibility

Don’t let your communications solutions keep you tied down.
With telgo.SmartNumbers international call forwarding services, your business is free to grow. You can add as many local numbers as you like, whenever you like. And you can have up to 200 simultaneous calls per number.


Smart Connections

With telgo.SmartNumbers you build local relationships, wherever you are.
Our virtual number services cover 50+ countries. Wherever you set up your office, your customers can connect with you through a local number. You get international growth, while building local relationships.


Smart Efficiency

Stop wasting time with confusing communication solutions.
You can set up telgo.SmartNumbers in just 2 minutes, and our user-friendly dashboard lets you manage your account and access your voicemail smoothly and easily.


What telgo.SmartNumbers can do for you


Local numbers in 50+ countries: Clients will reach you for the local rate – wherever you are.
Convenient Forwarding Features: Advanced Call-Forwarding, Select Country Forwarding, and Sequential Forwarding make call management simple.
Never Miss a Call: With Simultaneous Ringing, you’ll never lose a new client to a missed call.
Easy to Operate: With user-friendly Account Management, and customisable Black/White Lists, you’ll spend less time figuring out your phone system, and more time running your business
Voicemail at-a-Glance: With our voicemail to email service, you can access your messages anywhere you can access the internet.
Greet Your Clients Professionally: With customised greetings, you can present a professional face to your clients

how it works


Pick Your New Number

You can set up a local number in any of more than 50 countries, and countless cities. Plus, our coverage is growing every day!
Forward It To Your Current Phone Number

After choosing the location of your virtual phone number, fill in your landline or mobile phone number where you want your calls to be forwarded.
Start receiving calls from anywhere

That’s it! Finish signing up, and your virtual number will instantly start forwarding calls.




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In web design and development, attention to detail is crucial. Every line, every shadow and pretty much each and every element needs to be exactly where it’s supposed to be. Or where the client likes it. This, of course, generates endless conversations. As an outsourcing partner for clients situated in cities throughout the world, our communication was significantly improved in terms of quality and affordability after we chose telgo.SmartNumbers.

Paul E. Pop

founder @ straightAD