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What is telgo.Hello?

"telgo.Hello is an inbound call management that helps you handling your incoming calls. You buy a local landline number and forward it to your mobile phone or to all your employees at the same time. You will never miss a customer call again!"

What is the advantage of telgo.Hello?

"With telgo.Hello you have many possibilities to manage your incoming calls. You won't miss a call again. And you can keep your privacy! No need to add your mobile number to your business card, an office landline is much more professional anyway.

telgo.Hello will help you optimize your accessibility and company image."

How does the setup and activation of telgo.Hello work?

"Setup a telgo.Hello Number online – in just a few minutes. All you need to do is to select a virtual local landline number and tell us where it should ring (Mobile, all employees etc.). You will get a confirmation from us and access to your My.telgo account."

Is it possible to select or port a certain number or do you have to take the number you get?

"You will get a selection of numbers that you can pick your favorite one. It’s also possible to port your previous landline number for example.

Soon our customers will be able to choose the number they want on our website!"

How many telgo.Hello numbers can I have?

"As many as you like and you can forward them to wherever you want. You can also add more numbers via the My.telgo dashboard; you don’t need to sign up for a new account every time."

Are 0800 numbers available?

"Yes, we also offer 0800 numbers; they are toll-free numbers and are perfectly suitable to setup a service hotline for your customers."

What is the My.telgo dashboard?

"The My.telgo dashboard is an online account, where you can easily make changings on your own. You will get a username and password to access your account at any time."

What are the Benefits of the My.telgo dashboard?

"telgo.Hello Numbers are easy to set up via the My.telgo dashboard.

Here are a few examples that you can have up and running in minutes (literally):

  • Simple forwarding of your telgo.Hello Number to any phone number, international or national.
  • Same as above, but only during business hours. Play a message or send the caller to voice mail after hours.
  • Forward your telgo.Hello Number to different destinations depending on the callers' country.
  • Have your telgo.Hello answered by an IVR (Automated Attendant) – Press 1 for Sales, 2 for ...
  • Set up a hunt group – Forward calls to several destinations to ensure that someone always answers."

What’s included in the monthly plan?

"The monthly charge includes the cost of your telgo.Hello number, the included call forwarding minutes and many great features.

You can choose between the following Packages: BASIC – BUSINESS – BUSINESS PLUS.

In the BUSINESS PLUS Package of course all premium features such as number porting and phone support, etc. are included."

Can I use telgo.Hello to make outgoing call?

"telgo.Hello is just suitable for incoming calls. If you combine telgo.Hello with telgo.Classic you will also be able to make outgoing calls with your telgo.Hello Number.

Please contact us if you need more information, we are happy to help you!"

Do I get voicemail?

"Yes! And it’s FREE! Your voice mail will be forwarded to your email; you can listen to your voicemail on any pc or smartphone."

What does IVR mean?

"IVR means Interactive Voice Response. It allows you to create interactive menus for your clients. By using their phone keypad, they can easily reach a certain department. (e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for …)"

Do I get Fax-to-Email?

"Yes, simply set your telgo.Hello Number to fax and you will receive all incoming faxes to your nominated email address. You will need an additional telgo.Hello number if you would like to receive voice calls too."

Can I forward to VoIP or SIP?

"Shortly this will be available via the my.telgo dashboard. If you need this in the meantime, drop us an email and we will set it up for you."

Is there an APP for telgo.Hello?

"We are collecting feature requests right now; please send us an email with your requests."

How is telgo.Hello invoiced?

"telgo.Hello is invoiced monthly in advance."

When can I cancel telgo.Hello?

"You can cancel the number at any time. It will be switched off at the end of the following month."

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

"Yes! You can select a new plan for your telgo.Hello anytime via the my.telgo dashboard. The change goes into effect on the first of the following month."


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Like every other business, our growth depends on building new leads and constantly improving our sales and service performace. telgo.Hello helped with a brilliant solution to facilitate reachability for our sales and service organisation throughout Europe.
Thanks telgo!

Thomas Sauer

VP Central Eastern Europe, Turkey & CIS @ GBG