The telgo.SIP Connector is an Internet based phone line for PBX Systems.

Commonly referred to as SIP trunking, this innovative technology allows phone calls via data networks and offers many advantages over traditional telephony.


Compatible with all major manufacturers

3CX, Aastra, Alcatel, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Gigaset, Microsoft Lync,
Nortel, Panasonic, Siemens, Starface, Vodia etc.


Reduce Costs

Very attractive Plans and Tariffs for national and international calls.

Significant cost savings in Network Operations by consolidation in an IP-network!No running-, maintenance- or administration- costs for local gateways.


Build new connections

... wherever you are.

Get 0800 or virtual international numbers
in 50+ countries for use with your telgo SIP Trunk.


Reliable Future-proof IP telephony

... for all modern PBX and UC systems.

High Availability and integrated redundancy.

Failover solutions for different scenarios.

Emergency services available in DE, AT, CH, FR, IR, IT, ESP, UK, SWE, USA, BE, DEN


Excellent voice quality

... with HD Audio and Wideband.

We make sure your voice is heard in the best quality possible.


Access via the advanced telgo NGN

(Next Generation Network)

Perfect for IP-based telecommunication Systems and Enterprise SBC,
Unified Communications- and Media-Servers.
Replaces traditional ISDN-connections including FAX lines (Fax protocol T.38).


Scalable and flexible

2 - 300 channels possible.

Adjust your call capacity with additional channels on demand.
Expandable at any time!


Express Installation

...up and running in a day.
Easy setup and configuration guides for most PBX systems.


Number porting

You can keep your existing numbers.
We offer Numbers and Porting in several Countries.


For companies and branches of all sizes

Supports SIP-protocol and multiple extensions.
Competent Business Class Support.
Migration and Project Management services are available for large deployments.


Voicemail to Email

Stay informed.

Along with FREE voicemail, we let your callers record a message that will be sent straight to your email inbox, so you can access to your messages anywhere you connect to the internet.


Fax to Email (Forward-Fax)

Go paperless.

Forget about outdated fax machines, thermal paper, and annoying noises. Not only is it easier for you, it’s environmentally friendly, too. And you can forward them like any other email.


Black/White Lists

Block spam, streamline important clients.

Tired of answering unwanted telemarketing calls? Create your own black and white lists and you’ll never be bothered or miss an important call again. You can block a single number, an area code, or even a country code.


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This technology brings immense dynamics to the market, and provides great opportunities. Mature solutions like the telgo.SIP Connector for lync help our partners to stay at the forefront of the market.

Bernd Zimmermann

Worldwide Voice Sales Team, EMEA @ Microsoft