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What is telgo.SIP Connector?

"The telgo SIP-PSTN Gateway Service connects all popular, VoIP-capable PBX and Unified Communication systems with the telephone network. telgo offers the option to operate your own VoIP server with the product telgo.SIP Connector and to connect with the telephone network. The number of simultaneous channels (calls) can be ordered according to your requirements, and is easily upgradeable. The telgo.SIP Connector caters to the needs of small and medium-sized companies, and provides resilience, features and scalability required in large enterprise installations.

telgo.SIP Connector is convenient for which companies?

"Any company can profit from the telgo.SIP Connector – small-, medium- and large companies. The telgo.SIP Connector offers enterprise quality for any business size. You only need to have a VoIP-capable telephone system."

How to order telgo.SIP Connector and what are the system requirements?

"A SIP-capable telephone system or gateway is required. The telgo.SIP Connector is suitable for incoming and outgoing calls from systems like Asterisk, Alcatel, Cisco, Nortel, Panasonic, Siemens, Avaya, Aastra, Gigaset, Vodia, 3CX, etc.
Additionally you will need a broadband internet connection (approx. 120 Kb/sec. per call, bidirectional)
In the telgo.SIP Connector order form you will also find further information. Just fill out the order form and send it back to us or contact us if you require personal consultation."

What does VoIP mean?

"VoIP, Voice over IP is telephony via computer networks using the internet protocol (SIP)."

How good is the VoIP voice-quality?

"The voice quality of IP telephony is depending on the availability of the bandwidth and the quality of your internet connection, as well as the codec. Depending upon requirements the most suitable codec is selected. ISDN voice quality can be exceeded using HD Audio. Excellent quality is assured."

How reliable is the telgo IP telephony?

"IP telephony is considered to be very reliable. The telgo network is fully redundant and offers additional protection with fail over policies. Service availability is engineered to (99.999%). In case of a Broadband connection failure, damage or power outages at the customer side,
advanced call-forwarding ensures that you never miss a call. Calls can be sent to another location, or even to mobile phones.

Can I keep my existing number?

"Yes, you can keep your number. Your current number will be transferred to telgo, as long as the internet connection is from telgo. Non-geographical/local telephone numbers can also be transferred from telgo (e.g.: 0720 or 0780 numbers). Please contact us for further information and details.
Every ported number needs a separate form."

How much does telgo.SIP Connector cost?

"Prices add up to:
Setup EUR 150,-
Monthly Fee EUR 15,-
Please contact us for further information and details or download the telgo.SIP Connector order form here."

What are the benefits of telgo.SIP Connector?

"SIP Trunks are flexible and future-proof!
It’s an innovative telecommunication solution with high voice quality and low costs. You save up to 90% on call costs with our SIP call rates. Many companies already appreciate the advantages of this professional telephone network interface.
The service connects your VoIP-capable Phone system with the telephone network. The installation is simple and VoIP migration is risk-free. We also offer 0800 telephone number and virtual numbers in over 50 countries.
Hereby, you save up to 90% on connection costs."

What does „virtual phone number“ mean??

"Virtual telephone numbers are just as landline numbers that can be forwarded to any other number in the world. They are called telgo.SmartNumbers and available in 50+ countries. If you setup a SmartNumber in a certain country you will be reachable for the local rate for incoming calls of that country. Your international business partners don’t need to expect high costs to reach you and a number with the area code of your business partners will signalize proximity and will help you to optimize your accessibility.
Find available countries and telgo.SmartNumbers here."

What are „0800 numbers“?

"0800 Numbers are toll-free numbers and perfectly suitable to set up a service hotline for your customers."

Do I get support from telgo?

"We want to help our customers to find the best solution for their company. Regardless of whether you’re a new or an existing customer – the telgo Team is always here to help.
Telephone: 01/300 01, Email: office@telgo.at "

Which number is shown when a call is forwarded?

"When a call is forwarded, you will see the caller's number displayed."

Which features are offered?

"Flexible channel provisioning (automatic upgrade of concurrent connections with spontaneous increased demand)
DDI/Direct-dial-in (direct dial-in to a desired telephone system extension)
Call forwarding (even if the network is down, an incoming call is redirected to a telephone off-site
Fail-over to a different site.
Caller ID, Voicemail to Email
International numbers in 50 countries (allocation of virtual numbers for national presence)
Fax-to-mail function (incoming faxes are received as emails)
Telephone number porting (existing telephone numbers can be transferred when switching service providers)
Black list option (protection against unwanted incoming/outgoing calls)
Clip-no-Screening function"

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This technology brings immense dynamics to the market, and provides great opportunities. Mature solutions like the telgo.SIP Connector for lync help our partners to stay at the forefront of the market.

Bernd Zimmermann

Worldwide Voice Sales Team, EMEA @ Microsoft