telgo.SIP Connector integrates your VoIP capable telephone system to the global phone network. This future-proof technology is not only low-cost and innovative, but it will easily adapt and grow with your business.


Connect to Innovation

Traditional phones limit your business.
telgo.SIP Connector connects you to the global phone network using tomorrow’s technology. Stay connected with your clients for a lower cost, and with crystal clear HD audio.



Connect Worldwide

Available almost everywhere.
Our network has an impressive international footprint:
Choose or port 0800 or normal phone numbers in 50+ Countries for use with telgo.SIP Trunking.



Connect Your Way

Your phone system grows with you.
Want to add new features or need more lines?
With a telgo SIP Trunk you can customise your system to your changing needs.


your benefits at a glance


Only the best will do: Our network - powered by telgo matrix9 - leads the market with features and services.
Business Class Quality: Wideband Voice and proactive network management guarantee the best possible quality. Always.
Compatible with and certified for all leading SIP trunk capable PBX systems (3cx, Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft LYNC, Asterisk, Freeswitch, ...IP PBX).
Drive down costs: Save up to 80% on national and international calls and eliminate costly PRI and BRI lines.
Save on hardware: No PSTN gateway hardware required, and you can add lines instantly.
Enhanced availability and reliability with fail-over options that keep you connected - even during a site outage.
Smart features and competent tech support ensure you are up and running quickly.

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Choose telgo.SIP Connector 
A future-proof solution, telgo.SIP Connector seamlessly connects your VoIP capable telephone network with a SIP-Trunk, so you save money and stay flexible.

Place Your Order
ill out the telgo.SIP Connector order form and send it to us via Email or Fax. If you have any questions, or aren't sure exactly what you need, please call or email us, and we'll help you choose the features.

We'll Take It From There
We'll connect you seamlessly to the global phone network. We take care of everything so there will be no restrictions or interruptions to your ingoing or outbound calls.




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This technology brings immense dynamics to the market, and provides great opportunities. Mature solutions like the telgo.SIP Connector for lync help our partners to stay at the forefront of the market.

Bernd Zimmermann

Worldwide Voice Sales Team, EMEA @ Microsoft

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