The benefits of telgo.PRO as a virtual PBX

25 November 2014 | Products telgo.PRO

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As provider of cloud-based services and virtual phone systems we’re always discussing this subject in detail. Today’s summary is a quick overview for our customers with a focus on the PBX and phone services we offer.


In the past years the demand for cloud-based services has increased enormously. This is mainly due to their low cost, fast and easy deployment, and high availability. Additionally, Internet Bandwidth – required to access Cloud Services – is becoming ubiquitous.


Whether you’re already familiar with the concept of the cloud or you’ve just heard of it the first time – you will soon discover that there are huge advantages in using innovative solutions in the cloud.


Our virtual phone systems provide 4 substantial benefits to your business:



Simple implementation and usage: Your phones arrive preconfigured according to your individual requirements. They are ready to use with all functions and features right after you plug them in. Technical knowledge is not required and you don’t need to do anything complicated. How is that possible? Quite simply, the Phones receive their set up from the cloud.



 Cost savings: With telgo.PRO – our virtual PBX – you’ll reduce your monthly calling costs with our attractive national and international tariffs. Furthermore, your up-front costs are cut significantly, as you do not need to buy the actual PBX. Additionally, remote maintenance and free online updates keep maintenance fees down.



Functionality: Our hosted PBXs offer a higher range of functionality compared to conventional telephone systems. Advanced call routing, individual timetables, IVR, fax-to-mail, conferencing, custom audio prompts, FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) etc. are just a few of our great functions.



Scalable and flexible: Our Cloud-based PBX systems are extremely flexible and customisable. This means that you decide which functions and features you want to use. If the needs of your business change (e.g. new employees, extension changes, additional branches or locations, etc.) the system grows with you. There is no need or buy expansion boards or hardware, we simply provide the needed capacity as required. Our competent team helps with any solutions or support you need. telgo.PRO – the virtual phone system – grows with your business.



Want to learn more about the features and functions you get with telgo.PRO?

Visit our telgo.PRO Features Page!


We’ll discuss more about our virtual PBXs in a new post. Stay tuned!



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