Being international has never been easier!

30 July 2015 | telgo.PRO telgo.SIP Connector telgo.SmartNumbers

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telgo has a great service line up for businesses of all sizes.


Bespoke telgo solutions are unique because they can be tailored to closely match customers’ requirements.


These powerful industry leading solutions are also available as packages – you can add the services and features you require easily.





Have a look at our products – here’s an overview:



telgo.SIP Connector – the full featured SIP Trunk.


Our SIP trunk is ideal for those who already have an IP PBX, and want to connect it to the phone network to make and receive calls.

telgo.SIP Connector helps you reduce costs and stay connected.



telgo.PRO – comfortable as a Cloud.


Customers who want to focus on their business often prefer to outsource the operation and maintenance of their PBX.

telgo.PRO is a fitting, all in one,  cloud based solution.

All phones arrive preconfigured, and we do the system set-up for you. So no technical knowledge is required.

We configure, you communicate!



telgo.SmartNumbers – your office is everywhere.


For those requiring international presence:

telgo.SmartNumbers are local numbers in the countries of your choice.

Your foreign or oversea customers can reach you via a number in their country for the price of a local call.


telgo.Smartnumbers can also be used as a stand-alone solution, and forwarded to any phone number worldwide.

If you want to use your SmartNumber for outgoing calls, you can combine it with telgo.PRO or telgo.SIP Connector.



This is how is works:


Order telgo.SmartNumbers in the countries you require.

As soon as we activate them for telgo.PRO, you are reachable via those numbers.


Additionally, if you call a country in which you have a SmartNumber, telgo.PRO automatically sets that number (CLI) to show up on the callee’s phone display. International Phone Numbers help you to be local to your customers, and stand out above the competition.



Call us for details, we’re happy to help you find the best solution. Or request a call back!


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